Earn Free Interest on Crypto Balances

This is a guide i have put together to allow users to earn the most daily interest on their crypto balances.

I have Found Bitrue’s Power Piggy to be the highest paying site, however they have limits and some coins are hard to get in as they fill up fast (especially XRP). They pay out from 7.3-15% yearly interest paid out daily.

Since the Power Piggy like all sites have minimums here are some of the other sites i leave my balances in until they are high enough for the Bitrue Power Piggy.

LTC – 6% yearly paid daily – Min. 0.05

DOGE – 6% yearly paid daily – Min. 500 

ETH – 6% yearly paid daily – Min. 0.01

BCH – 6% yearly paid daily – Min. 0.0025

BTC – 4.05% yearly paid daily – Min. 0.0003

Cointiply Balances earn 5% yearly on Min. 35000 coins


Always remember to HODL


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