How To Earn Free Bitcoin

Below is a list of directions to collect your free faucets (free money)

OK, So to start off, a “faucet” in simple terms is free bitcoin (or other coin)  The websites can give these out for free by getting paid by ads. All you need to do as a user, is log on and collect.

Secondly, These websites do not pay not alot per claim (but all of them added up do) so what i personally do is pay for a program to collect automatically for me which makes life easier.  


1. Go to coinpot and create an account.

2. If you wish to make it automatic install Faucet Collector

If using Faucet Colletor you can fund using their system or 2Captcha

3. Register for all faucet sites which can be found on the main page

If using Faucet Collector – Set it up with username/password for each site and run and enjoy

4. If not using Faucet Collector – Visit sites as often as possible and collect and enjoy

I will be more than happy to help anyone who asks for it. You can email me at: