How to Make Free Coins

Step by step instructions to make free coins πŸ™‚

ok so heres some basic background info:

a faucet is just a website that the owner wants you to visit because they make money from advertising. they get you there by offering free coins (small amount) but when you visit like 10-15 sites hourly they add up πŸ™‚

ok so here we go

  1. either sign up on an exchange or set up a wallet for all your coinsΒ 
  2. make an account on coinpot
  3. use the same email for all the “moon” faucetsΒ 
  4. if you wish to make it automatic. download faucet collector and set it up. you can set the claim time for each site. if not, just visit each site and claim their ‘faucet’
  5. sign up for remaining faucet sites and collect
  6. collect your coins, cash them out to your wallet and boom! you have free coins

exchanges will allow you to trade the coins (BTC, XRP or LTC etc…) into your country’s currency

cheers to all

here is a link to a youtube channel with some how to videos:

also, if you have any questions just email me at: